Atrial Fibrillation - An overview

The topics covered in the Atrial Fibrillation presentation are as follows

(1)Patterns of atrial fibrillation
(2)ECG characteristics
(3)Ventricular Responses
(5)Pathophysiological  mechanisms
(6)Mechanisms of AF.
(7)Focal Activation Hypothesis
(8)Multiple Wavelet Hypothesis
(9)Electrical Remodelling of Atria
(10)AV conduction in AF
(11)‘ Ashman ’ Phenomenon
(12)Hemodynamic consequences
(15)Acute causes of AF
(16)Clinical Evaluation of AF
(17)Bedside Diagnosis
(18)Contemporary Management of Atrial Fibrillation
(19)Pharmacological Cardioversion
(20)Dc Cardioversion
(21)Pharmacological agents to maintain Sinus rhythm
(22)Pharmacological Rx before Cardioversion
(23)Supression of AF by Pacing
(24)Rate control in Persistent AF
(25)Preventing Thromboembolism
(26)Anticoagulation Strategy
(27)Aspirin Vs Anticoagulation
(28)Management Strategies in AF